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22 Aug 17
Prague Meeting Next Steps for 4 AMI US Affiliated Societies

A meeting took place between the 4 AMI Affiliated Societies from the United States at the International Montessori Congress held in Prague at the end of July 2017. The outcome was a forward looking and positive one culminating in an agreement to align their efforts for the future in order to achieve greater collective impact in the United States. Please see their recent newsletter for more...Read more.

01 Aug 17
29th International Montessori Congress Bangkok, Thailand 16 - 19 July 2021

Welcome Letter from Thailand:

On behalf of Thailand, the Montessori Association of Thailand would like to invite the Association Montessori Internationale to hold it’s 29th International Montessori Congress 2021 in Bangkok. Ours is a world-class convention and exhibition city that offers a wealth of scientific resources, history, cultural heritage and entertainment.

The Montessori...Read more.

21 Jul 17
Happy 105th Birthday Montessori in Canada!
Bell 1918

105 years ago, on July 18, 1912 the first Montessori school in Baddeck, Nova Scotia (Canada) was established.

Alec (Alexander Bell) heard about Montessori Method in 1912 at one of his Wednesday evenings at which S.S. McClure, founder of the magazine, was a regular guest. The new educational philosophy had instant appeal for him. Within weeks, his wife and his daughter Daisy had visited...Read more.

27 Jun 17
Walton Family Foundation Awards Grant to Create Montessori Bachelor’s Degree

Walton Family Foundation Awards $4.8 Million Grant to the University of Hartford and Montessori Training Center Northeast to Create Montessori Bachelor’s Degree Program.

The award is one of the largest educational grants in the University’s history.

(Hartford, Conn.) The University of Hartford and the Montessori Training Center Northeast (MTCNE) have been awarded a fund directed by...Read more.

01 Jun 17
Corner of Hope Update - Pilot Training Course Completes
Tree Planting

The National Montessori Elementary training course concluded with Module 8 in April 2017. 27 students sat for the exams and everyone did well. It was a proud moment for the trainers to announce a 100% pass result for this pilot course - the first in East Africa! The training faculty was amazed by the quality of work that the students put in to the albums and handmade materials including the...Read more.

19 May 17
Final Reminder for the 2021 Congress Bids
International Congress Bid

Final reminder that bids for the 2021 International Montessori Congress must be received by close of business on 1 June 2017 to AMI at

We encourage any organisation submitting a bid to seek further information and ask any questions they may have about the organisation of the Congress or information...Read more.

05 May 17
The Peter Hesse Foundation Celebrates 30 Years in Haiti

We are proud to congratulate Peter Hesse and his great work in the last 30 years improving childhood education in Haiti. The Peter Hesse Foundation began in 1986 to effectively improve early childhood education in Haiti, both by establishing Montessori preschools and training...Read more.

21 Apr 17
A Gift from AMI, United States Foundation
Eleanor Latimer and Lynne Lawrence

Eleanor Latimer was in Amsterdam,  delivering a check personally to Lynne Lawrence, from AMI, United States Foundation for the Maria Montessori House.

AMI/USF raises funds and make grants that advance the principles, methods, and values of Maria Montessori for the education, development and welfare of children...Read more.

02 Apr 17
Maria Montessori Study
Maria Montessori Study

Montessori Study Tour completely booked! The historical Montessori Tour (in connection with the Prague Congress) organised by our Australian friends has reached full capacity. We wish all participants a great time on the European Montessori trail.Read more.

19 Feb 17
Bold Goal Forum: Now Available

A new page has been developed for the Bold Goal Initiative. This will provide a forum for discussions covering various Bold Goal topics......Read more.